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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Classic Literature with Classical Music)
Wee Sing Children s Songs and Fingerplays
The Odyssey: An Epic Telling (Odds Bodkin Musical Story Collection)
Maurice Sendak s Really Rosie Audio: Starring the Nutshell Kids
Jazz Chant Fairy Tales (Jazz Chants)
Wee Sing In the Car
Treasure Island (Classic Literature with Classical Music)
If You Give a Moose a Muffin Mini Book and Tape (If You Give...)
Wee Sing Sing-Alongs
The Reluctant Dragon
Sweet Dreams Lullabies (Baby Genius (Genius Products))
Mozart in Motion (Mozart Effect Music for Children)
Relax, Daydream & Draw (Mozart Effect Music for Children)
Tune Up Your Mind (Mozart Effect Music for Children)
Mozart s Magnificent Voyage (Classical Kids)
The Mozart Effect Music for Children Set
Relax, Daydream and Draw (Mozart Effect Music for Children)
Something s Fishy at Camp Wiganishie
Sara Jordan Presenta Conjugacion En Cancion (Songs That Teach Spanish)
Healthy Habits for Early Learners
Fonetica Funky.... Y Algo Mas (Songs That Teach Spanish)
The Multiplication 3R Rap
Le Rap 3R
Folies Phoniques... Et Plus
Hallelujah Handel (Classical Kids)
Daydreams & Lullabies (Classical Kids)
Tchaikovsky Discovers America (Classical Kids)
The Classical Kids Collection
Mr Bach Comes to Call (Classical Kids)
Country Tot Song Book (Kidzup Ser)
Chansons Thematiques Pour Apprendre LA Langue
Thematic Songs for Learning Language (Language Arts)
The Mozart Effect: Music for Children (Mozart Effect Music for Children)
Song of the Unicorn: A Merlin Tale
Music for Babies from Playtime to Sleepytime (Mozart Effect for Babies)
Danceland (Surgency)
28 Instant Songames (Surgency)
Songames for Sensory Integration (Sensory Processing)
Little Evil Things
Jack and the Beanstalk with Book (Froggy s Country Storybooks)
Sweet Dreams: Enchanting Story Visualizations With Sleepytime Music
Jungle Book
Good-Night: Enchanting Stories Visualization With Sleepytime Music/Cassette
Little Proto s T-rex Adventure: An Odds Bodkin Musical Story
Evergreens Gentle Tales of Nature (Odds Bodkin Musical Story Collection)
The Winter Cherries: Holiday Tales from Around the World (The Odds Bodkin Storytelling Library)
The Adventures of Little Proto: A Musical Dinosaur Tale (The Odds Bodkin Storytelling Library)
The Earthstone: A Musical Adventure Story (The Odds Bodkin Storytelling Library)
Giant s Cauldron: Viking Myths of Adventure/Cassette (The Odds Bodkin Storytelling Library)
Spanish (Foreign Language Series, 10)
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